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How Our Hearing Works

“How our hearing works” is a series of blog articles that looks at the physical and neurological components of the human anatomy that make our amazing hearing possible. The reason for this more technical series of blog posts is that we do get asked on a regular basis how does human hearing work? We will feature images and videos wherever possible to make explaining the complex system that makes up our human hearing.

Is There A Sound Loud Enough To Kill You Asked By Narrator

Can Loud Sounds Be Deadly?

While this interesting video explores the dangerous side of loud sounds, it also does a great job of showing the mechanism of noise induced hearing loss (NIHL). We have spent a lot of time covering topics on NIHL because it’s a growing concern associated with our modern lifestyle and it can almost always be prevented.

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How Our Hearing Works: Exploring Human Hearing

The Amazing Human Ear Every day we take the ability to hear the sounds around us for granted. Our hearing provides us with an amazing ability to recognize specific sounds; a familiar voice in a crowded room, a single instrument from an entire symphony, or even someone calling our name during a loud rock concert. Human hearing is simply amazing! The Human Ear

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