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Widex Hearing Aids

Widex Headquarters
Widex main offices are situated in the Allerød Municipality of Denmark, to the north of Copenhagen. These modern headquarters employ groundwater for cooling during the warmer months and for heating during the colder months. Additionally, an energy-producing wind turbine has been strategically positioned adjacent to the building.


Widex is a Danish hearing aid manufacturer that was founded in 1956 by Erik Westermann and Christian Tøpholm. The company's name is derived from the words "Widow" (symbolizing a focus on sound) and "Excellence" (reflecting their commitment to high-quality products). Widex initially started as a small workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Widex is the 6th largest hearing aid manufacturer with distribution in over 100 countries.

Throughout its history, Widex has been a pioneer in hearing aid technology and innovation. One of their notable achievements was the introduction of the first digital in-the-ear hearing aid in 1995, which marked a significant advancement in hearing aid technology. This innovation allowed for more precise and customizable sound processing to meet individual hearing needs.

Widex has also been known for its research and development efforts, focusing on creating hearing aids that provide clear and natural sound quality for individuals with hearing loss. The company has continued to develop and refine its hearing aid technology, including advancements in noise reduction, speech enhancement, and connectivity features.

In recent years, Widex has been involved in mergers and acquisitions. In 2018, Widex announced a merger with Sivantos, another major hearing aid manufacturer, to create a new entity called WS Audiology. This merger combined the strengths of both companies to further drive innovation in the hearing aid industry.

Widex Moment Hearing Aids

Widex Moment hearing aids were designed to address a common issue in hearing aid wearers—sound distortion caused by the occlusion effect, which is the sensation of the sound of your own voice being unnatural or boomy when wearing hearing aids. Widex Moment aimed to eliminate this issue by introducing a new technology called "ZeroDelay," which significantly reduced or eliminated this distortion. This technology was achieved through the use of a faster and more advanced sound processing platform.

Widex-Moment-Hearing-Aids Polo Parke Hearing Winnipeg
Widex Moment Hearing Aids

Widex Moment Sheer Hearing Aids

Expanding on the success of the Moment Hearing Aids, Widex developed their technology further to create Widex PureSound™ to further make your a wearers voice sound even more natural. With Widex Moment Sheer, the company added more parameters to a new AI powered Widex MySound™ technology to give more control over how the hearing aid wearer to adapt to different hearing environments.

Widex Hearing Aids Sales & Service

Our staff all have extensive knowledge of Widex Hearing Aids providing both sales and service for all products. In addition, two of our staff members have additional training from the Widex factory on their tinnitus treatment maskers, the Widex Zen Therapy hearing aids. In addition to the warranty that comes with all Widex hearing aids, we offer our free Customer Care Guarantee program that will save the average client $500-1000 over the course of the lifetime of their hearing aids. Learn more by calling us at (204) 788-1083 or contact us online.

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