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Polo Park Hearing Centre offers a full range of hearing services, including: diagnostic testing, hearing instruments with the latest digital technology, pre-employment hearing testing, custom hearing protection, swim plugs, musicians plugs and assistive listening devices. Our office is located on the lower level of Polo Park Shopping Centre, mall entrance next to Starbucks and can be easily accessed by the elevator at centre court or the stairs in front of customer service.

Our Services include the following:

Hearing Testing

Polo Park Hearing Centre offers the latest in testing diagnostic equipment to serve our clients with the best solutions possible. Our office is equipped with two sound testing rooms with one wheelchair accessible. We also offer home visits for those unable to visit our office of hearing tests. Evening appointments are also available upon request.

Wheelchair Accessible Hearing Test Booth
Access to the office via the mall is also fully wheelchair friendly.

Hearing Aid Dispensing

A diverse selection of custom hearing aids is available at Polo Park Hearing Centre. These devices come in a wide price range. You and your Hearing Specialist can determine the best path. Our office has the latest in professional digital fitting systems, in order to optimize the best results for our clients. We select and dispense hearing instruments from the leading manufacturers in the world.

Special Ear Mould Products

Custom ear mould products are used for some situations that are not associated with hearing aids. Often, these are solid silicone custom ear plugs for employees in industrial environments, children with swimmer's ear, hunters, and people with collapsed ear canals. Non-amplified applications include: musician ear plugs, communication molds and ear molds for the medical professional. We offer custom bluetooth ear molds and tips.

Hearing Aid Repairs

Minor hearing aid repairs are done in the office. Major hearing aid repairs are sent directly to the manufacturer. Most manufacturer warranties will be honored. There is no charge for cleaning and checking Hearing Instruments in our office. All hearing aid manufacturer warranties will be honored.

Check our our Continuous Care Guarantee - it will save tour average customer $500-$1000 over the life of their hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Batteries & Accessories

Hearing aid batteries, competitively priced, are sold at Polo Park Hearing Centre. Additional accessories available for the client's convenience include telephone earpads, dry aid kits, sanitize sprays, hearing aid battery testers, and anti-itch creams. Clients may visit the office from 9am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday and 10AM-2PM on Saturdays for these items. For added convenience, these items may be mailed to the client's home.

Assistive Listening Devices

Clients with hearing loss may require additional assistance in certain situations. Vast arrays of devices are available, including amplified telephones, Infra Red System for listening to the T.V., smoke detectors for the hearing impaired and vibrating alarm clocks. These devices may be ordered through Polo Park Hearing Centre.

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