Custom moulded earplugs made out of solid silicone provide up to 27 dB of hearing protection & are more than comfortable enough to wear all day. They are perfect for musicians, construction worker, factory worker,motorcyclists, snowmobile enthusiasts and anyone in a noisy environment. Our custom earplugs for sleeping are also made of solid silicone and ensure a good nights rest despite loud noises such as snoring. We also sell custom swimmers earplugs that provide a waterproof seal to keep the ear canal dry and healthy. Call us today at (204)788-1083.

Customizable Ear Plugs For Work & Play

Candice from our office had a chance to put a set of professional grade ear plugs to work at the Chris Stapleton concert recently. Phoank’s new Serenity Choice™ Work ear plugs are designed as "Personal Protection Equipment" for noisy working environments over 85 dB (about when damage starts after prolonged…

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Noting the difference in hearing loss between the right and left ear. It's not hard to tell the stage was on Derek's right-hand side.

Guns & Roses: Post Concert Hearing Loss vs Earplugs

The recent Guns N' Roses: Not In This Lifetime tour was the perfect venue to test the effectiveness of our custom molded earplugs to prevent noise induced hearing loss. We sent two fans, Keith and Derek to the concert. Keith wore custom molded earplugs and Derek went without any hearing…

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Protect Your Hearing With Nutrition

We often talk about protecting our hearing with items like earplugs. Ear plugs help protect your hearing from noise induced damage. Did you know that a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and exercise helps protect your hearing from age related hearing loss (presbycusis)? The inner ear contains the sensory organs for…

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Hearing Loss is Expensive

Hearing Loss Is Expensive

It’s widely accepted that hearing loss can have a profound impact on both the individual and their family. Along with an number of the personal effects, job performance can be greatly affected. After reading articles authored by Sergei Kochkin Ph.D. and Mark Ross, Ph.D., we were given a real eye…

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