Types Of Hearing Aids

At Polo Park Hearing Center, our team of experts will help you select the perfect hearing aid for your needs, comfort and budget.

We offer the latest technology from all hearing aid manufacturers, as well as comprehensive hearing aid adjustment and repair services in Winnipeg.

Our Continuous Care Guarantee is our service guarantee that aims to keep your hearing aids up to date with free adjustments and minor repairs. Our goal is to keep your hearing aids working in peak condition for as long as you own them.

In The Canal Hearing Aids (ITC)

In The Ear (ITE)

Easy to adjust For mild to severe hearing loss Custom-moulded for a perfect fit Variety of color options available In-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids are the


Power Plus Behind The Ear (BTE)

Discreet design For moderate to the most severe hearing loss Variety of color options available Easy-to-use buttons or dials Power Plus behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids

invisible-in-canal-hearing-aid-IIC-winnipeg polo park hearing centre

Invisible Hearing Aids

Invisible hearing aids are so named “invisible” because they are only visible when someone is looking down your ear canal. Barely bigger than a jelly

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Hearing Aid Grant For Manitoba Seniors $2000


The Province of Manitoba is providing a grant of $2000 for seniors over the age of 65 with documented hearing loss and a family income under $80 000 a year.

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