Jodie Foster - Hearing Loss

3 Famous Women That Overcame Hearing Loss

While International Women’s day was March 8th, we thought we would celebrate three women’s achievement while overcoming hearing loss. Jodie Foster Alicia Christian ‘Jodie’ Foster is a two-time Oscar winner often been cited as one of the best actresses of her generation. While Foster admits that she’s not always great about keeping on top of…

11 funny misheard lyrics about food

11 Funny Misheard Lyrics About Food

Although this video is a light hearted look at misheard lyrics, trouble understanding speech is one of the first signs of hearing loss. Human speech is a mix of both low and high frequency sounds. Typically hearing loss problems develop in the higher frequencies first with consonants like “s,” “h,” and “f,” becoming more difficult…

Why We Hate Our Own Voice

Do I Really Sound Like That?

Do you like the sound of your own voice when it’s recorded and played back? Most people don’t and wonder “Do I really sound like that?”. Here is a short video that explains why a recording of our voice sounds so different to us. One of the early signs of hearing loss is having difficulty…

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Hearing Aid Grant For Manitoba Seniors $2000


The Province of Manitoba is providing a grant of $2000 for seniors over the age of 65 with documented hearing loss and a family income under $80 000 a year.

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