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About Us

We are a two-generation local family business drawing on more than 85 years of combined hearing health care experience to meet your hearing health care needs. At Polo Park Hearing Centre you are always surrounded by a relaxed friendly environment.

“Our primary interest is listening to you; your goals, your needs and your concerns.”

To get the best outcomes, we practise person-centred-care which means developing an understanding of your special situation and involving you in the plan to regain your hearing. We always take the time to explain all aspects of hearing evaluations to ensure an understanding of the testing and treatment process. We strive to make you and your family members feel comfortable as we know firsthand that hearing loss affect those around us.

Once we can make an appropriate assessment, we always make certain that you understand if you require hearing protection or hearing aids and what products will and will not be appropriate for your needs. You will gain knowledge of all different types and styles of hearing instruments from the basic to the most sophisticated AI optimized Bluetooth hearing aid.

We take the quality of our customer service seriously. So much that we created a free “Continuous Care Guarantee” as our promise to you that you will never have to go without hearing well again. Please ask us about it.

Thank You.


Back Row: Rita & Gretchen.
Front row: Mandy, Kerry, Leslie, & Candice.

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