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Widex DEX™ Assistive Listening Devices

Replace your existing phone with the all-purpose Phone-DEX cordless phone to hear crystal clear sound directly through your hearing aids.

blue-Phone-Dex-WinnipegSpeech becomes much easier to understand with both ears hearing the same audio stream clearly. Not needing to ask your caller to repeat themselves constantly makes for more comfortable conversations that you both will enjoy.

The Phone-EX is as easy to use as a regular phone; simply hold the phone as you normally would.

The Phone-DEX is also convenient for others as it can work as a conventional phone as well. Family and friends can use it without having to reconfigure the system.

Clear audio and convenience for all family members makes the Phone-DEX an ideal replacement for your current cordless phone.

Do you have any questions about the Phone-DEX cordless phone?

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Wirelessly Connect Your Hearing Aids to any Mobile Phone and More:


Audio Equipment

Remote Controls


Cellular Phones

Land Line Phones

Widex Uni-Dex Connects Mobile Phones to Hearing Aids

The UNI-DEX is worn around the neck and connects wirelessly to your hearing aids while the mini-jack (3.5 mm) plugs into to any suitable device. Tablets, mobile phones, and MP3 players can now clearly stream audio directly to your hearings aids while being conveniently controlled with the buttons on the UNI-Dex.

Questions about wireless assistive listening devices? 

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