Viral Infection - Tinnitus

Are Viral Infections Causing Tinnitus?

60 Second Read We are seeing an increase in people with problem tinnitus post COVID-19 infections. In 2019 over 1.6 million Canadians reported significant tinnitus symptoms, that is hearing sounds such as a ringing in their ears with no external sounds present, that interfered with sleep or daily tasks. Hearing loss due to infections and subsequent tinnitus have long been linked, but the link between COVID and tinnitus was only recently confirmed. An article Journal Article Nature reported that hair cells and Schwann cells of the inner ear can be infected and damaged by COVID-19. Finally, a study

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Person-Centered Care – Improving Outcomes

Person-Centered Care is a health care concept developed in both North America and Europe that makes the patient an equal partner with the healthcare professional in the decision-making process of their care. It places emphasis on the patient’s goals, capabilities, and their expectations. While Person-Centered Care is a growing trend in healthcare due to the improvement in positive outcomes, we have always modeled our care on the same basic approach.  We strongly believe in people taking an active role in their hearing health care instead of a passive one. A person’s preferences and needs should be guiding decisions

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Hearing Healthcare Event

Hearing Healthcare Event - Nov 15-17th

If hearing loss has left you feeling disconnected from the world around you, Polo Park Hearing can help! During our open house event this November 15th to 17th we will be offering free hearing testing and ear scans for all interested attendees. Our Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialists and Tinnitus specialists will be on hand answering questions all day. Also, an expert rep from a leading manufacturer will be on hand to answer all your questions about what the latest in hearing aid technology can do for you. Plus there will be giveaways! For those with existing hearing

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