Customizable Ear Plugs For Work & Play

Candice from our office had a chance to put a set of professional grade ear plugs to work at the Chris Stapleton concert recently. Phoank’s new Serenity Choice™ Work ear plugs are designed as “Personal Protection Equipment” for noisy working environments over 85 dB (about when damage starts after prolonged exposure). The ear plugs cut the noise level by 24 DB ( that’s a lot) so they are good for 8 hours of protection at up to 109 dB. Since concerts routinely range 90 to 120 dB the concert certainly gave them a workout. In environments exceeding 109

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Can A Hearing Test Improve Your Mood?

We live in a world constantly filled with noises both random and expected. Our minds are constantly deciphering sounds from a multitude of sources around us all day long. Everything from our smart phones to our cars are vying for attention by beeping or whistling at us while in the background noise pollution ratchets everything up. Some people are more sensitive to environmental sounds both in terms of hearing health and the effect on their overall mood while others struggle to make sense of everything they hear. Thankfully, there are many options available to get help with hearing

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Hearing Aid Repair Wait Times & Warranties

When Buying Hearing Aids Always Ask About Warranty & Service Times We see a lot of hearing aid customers that have purchased hearing aids that only offer mail in repairs or have excessive wait times. This is why we provide a Continuous Care Guarantee on all of our hearing aids. It’s our promise to our clients that they will never have to go without their hearing aids working. What Are The Wait Times for Hearing Aid Repairs? We will fix your hearing aids as fast as possible. Time permitting, we will offer a same day appointment because we

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9 Ways to Save When Purchasing Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are a significant purchase for most people. In this article we discuss some of the ways clients can offset the overall cost or reduce the up-front cost of purchasing hearing aids. Health Insurance Private health insurance and work-related health insurance often have some provisions for funding the cost of hearing aids or hearing assistive devices. Spending limits vary as do the deductibles. In House Financing for Hearing Aids Our in-house financing, Financeit, finances more than just hearing aids. In fact, they will finance any purchase over $400. The approval rates are high and the interest rates

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Balance & Hearing Health - What You Need To Know

While we will look at several reasons for balance problems, one is becoming more common quickly. The nerve damaging effects of diabetes and prediabetes that causes hearing loss can also cause balance problems. Over time, blood sugar levels that are too high or too low can damage nerves that affect your hearing and balance. It’s important to understand that hearing loss doesn’t cause balance disorders on its own. However, problems with the inner ear that are responsible for hearing loss may also affect a person’s ability to balance and cause fall injuries. In 2017, 7.3% of Canadians aged 12 and older

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Diabetes and hearing loss

Pre-Diabetes, Diabetes & Hearing Loss

Hearing loss due to diabetes and pre-diabetes is often overlooked. Most people are aware that hearing loss can be caused by aging, repeated exposure to loud noise, and even one very loud noise event, high blood sugar is not readily connected to hearing loss. Prevalence of Diabetic Hearing Loss According to Statistics Canada, In 2017, 7.3% of Canadians aged 12 and older (roughly 2.3 million people) reported being diagnosed with diabetes. A famous study, the Bainbridge study of 2008 looked at adults between the ages of 20 and 69 and found a higher odds ratio of 1.82 of

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