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Phantom Word Illusion - What Do You Hear?

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The phantom word illusion is one of several interesting psychological effects in this video that shows how the human brain's attempt to decipher complex sounds can vary person to person.

When we heard this video for the first time we used headphones and we definitely did notice the effect. To hear the effect at it's best, it is suggested that you sit in front of two stereo speakers with one to your left and another on your right so that the sounds will mix in the air before they reach your ears. This mixing creates a rich palette of sounds that are apparently somewhat open to interpretation based on our personal knowledge, beliefs, and expectations.

The spent some word illusion was discovered by Diana Deutsch, a psychologist that studies the senses and has appeared on the Discovery Channel (1997). To read more about the Phantom word illusion please visit her website.

We are always interested in your feedback about our posts. After you watch the video please feel free to comment about what words you heard first, and then the words you heard after the suggestions were made.

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