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Ever wonder why “airplane food” invariably tastes bland? This clip from The Nature of Things offers us an answer: When you sit back and think about it, our brain only has so much attention to redirect to our different senses to interpret what is going on in our environment. If our hearing takes more processing […]

Have you’ve ever wondered what it’s like for your friends or family members to struggle to hear a conversation with mild, or even severe hearing loss? Well, now you can gain some insight into their world with a visit to the hearing loss simulator by Starkey. The hearing loss simulator allows you to understands just how difficult […]

If you need a hands free solution and you are tired of having to stick an electronic device into your ear, there is a solution. It’s great for sunny environments and you don’t even need to use your outer ear to hear. It may sound odd, but Bone Conduction Bluetooth Sunglasses are changing the way […]

Elton John’s comment says it all when it comes to hearing and hearing loss: “It’s something that you take for granted, your hearing …” Polo Park Hearing Centre has a long history of supporting the Starkey Foundation. Do you have questions about your hearing? Give us a call and will be happy to answer all […]

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