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Hearing Loss Quotes & Trivia

Hearing loss quotes from famous people and trivia about hearing loss.

Dolphins Amazing Hearing

Can Dolphins Hear Better Than Us?

We ran across this video about how dolphins express emotion through the whistles and clicks they make and thought would be interesting to compare their hearing to ours. Both dolphins and humans have a well-developed acute sense of hearing and a highly developed “auditory cortex” – the portion of the brain that decodes the information from

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Hearing Loss Quote Helen Keller

Hearing Loss Quotes - Helen Keller

This quote is widely credited to Helen Keller, On researching it we found information posted by Tom Harrington, a Reference and Instruction Librarian, he was never able to trace it to an original source. He does say that Keller did express the same idea at least two other times using similar words. Either way,  internet creation or

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