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New Technology Let's You Hear Without Your Ears?

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If you need a hands free solution and you are tired of having to stick an electronic device into your ear, there is a solution. It's great for sunny environments and you don’t even need to use your outer ear to hear.

It may sound odd, but Bone Conduction Bluetooth Sunglasses are changing the way we hear music and make hands free cell phone calls.

Bone Conduction Sunglasses

Bone conduction technology removes your ear from hearing by using vibrations that are able to conduct sound waves off of your cheekbones and send and signal straight to your inner ear. Bone conduction is the conduction of sound to the inner ear through the bones of the skull.

Wearable Device

Bone conduction sunglasses use Bluetooth technology to pair with your phone or other Bluetooth-enabled device, so you can play music through the sunglasses that will then use bone conduction technology to transmit sound to your inner ear.

Safer Than Headphones?

Imagine you’re walking down the street with your ear buds in and the music’s cranked up pretty loud so you can hear the music clearly over the street noise. The problem is that you are not going to hear the delivery truck just turned directly towards you. Using bone conduction technology, your sunglasses will actually transmit the environmental sounds as well as your music. So when the delivery truck driver realizes that he's about to hit you and honks the horn, you can actually hear the horn above your music and get out-of-the-way!

Who Wants This Technology?

Because the sunglasses are splash proof people working around liquids or recreating at the beach will appreciate not dunking their cell phone. Also, anyone that has their hands busy with tasks such as driving a vehicle, using their hands for work, cyclists, outdoor sports enthusiasts, etc.

Manufacturer Specifications

The sunglasses we researched had Bluetooth version 3.0 that allowed a transmission range up to 10 meters so you not necessarily have to carry a cell phone on your person, just have it near by. Talk time was fairly limited, generally in the range of 1-2 hours with up to 50 hours on standby. Power was supplied by a Built-in Lithium Polymer Battery with Charging Time of 2 Hours.

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