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Do Ear Candles Remove Ear Wax?

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Dr. Cliff Olson, Doctor of Audiology has published a great video on the topic of ear candling also known as ear coning. For those of you who haven’t heard of the treatment, ear candling is promoted as an alternative medicine practice to remove ear wax

What Is An Ear Candle & How Does It Work?

An ear candle is a tube of cloth soaked in hot beeswax with a cone shape at one end (resembling an upside down hollow candle) that is placed in the ear and the open end is lit on fire. The theory promoted is that the heat and partial vacuum will draw ear wax out of the ear. 

Before & After Results Tell The True Story

This is the first video we have seen about ear candling with a before and after look into the candle’s residue is shown. It is also the first video we have watched that attempts to be a bit more scientific. The Dr. Olson runs one test with an ear candle in a person’s ear and compares it to an ear candle burnt on it’s own as control test. 

Can Ear Wax Cause Hearing Loss

If you have enough ear wax impacted into your ear canal you will indeed suffer minor to significant hearing loss. If you are curious about your hearing and if wax is causing you to have hearing loss, call us to make an appointment (204) 788-1083.