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While convincing someone to seek help for hearing loss is the right thing to do, it is not always an easy conversation to have. Understanding how hearing loss affects people coupled with some tips on having “the talk”, will make the process smoother and more likely to have a positive outcome. Understanding Hearing Loss: Hearing […]

It’s widely accepted that hearing loss can have a profound impact on both the individual and their family. Along with an number of the personal effects, job performance can be greatly affected. After reading articles authored by Sergei Kochkin Ph.D. and Mark Ross, Ph.D., we were given a real eye opener as to just how […]

In keeping with May the 4th being Star Wars Day, we wanted to share something fun without rehashing Star Wars cliches. Comment and let us know at what point in the video can you hear a famous movie theme? From the crowd’s reaction you know definitely when they “got it”! It’s an amazing bit of […]

In keeping with the fact that May is Speech & Hearing Awareness Month, we thought we would suggest a movie with the theme of overcoming hearing loss. Club DJs generally rely on their ability to hear to mix tracks – or so we thought. All Gone Pete Tong is a comedy about the tragic life of […]

Just 8 more days until the Ride for Dad 2016. Polo Park Hearing Centre is proud to help sponsor the event again this year. We will be providing Spark Plug earplugs, the Officially Licensed Earplugs of NASCAR, along with discounts offers including custom mould earplugs. Whether you wear a full face or half helmet, please remember […]

In a recent news release the Canadian Hearing Instrument Practitioners Society (CHIPS) identified noise induced hearing loss as a growing health issue. This makes protecting yourself with a baseline hearing test all the more important for treatment and potential insurance or work related compensation claims in the future. The release also highlighted the increased rate of […]

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