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“The Apprehension Engine” is possibly the world’s most disturbing musical instrument. If you have ever wondered how horror movie makers create those creepy sounds, watch this video. Happy Halloween everyone! How’s your hearing lately? To hear what you have been missing, make an appointment today for a full hearing evaluation by calling the Polo Park Hearing […]

This fun video explains how our mind can misinterpret what we hear. Featured are several cool examples of how what you see while listening can influence your interpretation of what you are hearing. From Wikipedia, “An auditory illusion is an illusion of hearing, the aural equivalent of an optical illusion: the listener hears either sounds […]

Bill Clinton William Jefferson Clinton served as the 42nd president United States and was found to have high frequency hearing loss during a yearly physical exam. It is suspected that his advancing age and recreational activities, namely hunting, listening to loud music and playing in a band contributed to his hearing loss. Like most people […]

The visualization of frequencies may be a bit “geeky”, but it’s also just plain cool! If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. – Nikola Tesla Did you have any trouble hearing the highest frequencies in the video? If so it might be a good idea […]

While this interesting video explores the dangerous side of loud sounds, it also does a great job of showing the mechanism of noise induced hearing loss (NIHL). We have spent a lot of time covering topics on NIHL because it’s a growing concern associated with our modern lifestyle and it can almost always be prevented. […]

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