How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost? Ask about our 45 day free trial. Call (204) 788-1083. You Get What You Pay ForThe quality of your hearing aid is much more important than you may think. Prices start in the $2000 range for a modern digital hearing aid that we consider to have good quality sound…

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How Small is Invisible?
To remove the hearing aid you pull on the tiny tether (left) attached to the hearing aid.

How Small is Invisible?

Invisible (IIC) hearing aids are called invisible because they are only visible when someone is looking down your ear canal! Barely bigger than a jelly bean, invisible hearing aids are the smallest hearing aid style available. Being small has it's advantages: Sound quality is very natural with no tinniness. Because…

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3 iPhone Accessibility Options for Better Hearing

For people with hearing loss, the iPhone offers several useful features to make listening and using the device easier. Here are three accessibility options we think would be the most useful. Mono Audio and Balance The benefit of this feature is that it makes listening to music and movies much…

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