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How Small is Invisible?

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Invisible (IIC) hearing aids are called invisible because they are only visible when someone is looking down your ear canal! Barely bigger than a jelly bean, invisible hearing aids are the smallest hearing aid style available. Being small has it's advantages:

  • Sound quality is very natural with no tinniness.
  • Because the aid relies on the outer ear you can easily tell the direction sounds come from.
  • Zero feedback when using a phone.

Below you can see how these tiny high tech hearing aids tuck all the way inside your ear.

Invisible Hearing Aids
To remove the hearing aid you pull on the tiny tether (left) attached to the hearing aid.

Hearing aids are a significant purchase and we understand that. That's why we are offering invisible hearing aids for a 30 day free trial that includes a complete hearing test & evaluation. To hear what you have been missing, call us at (204) 788-1083.

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