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Is There A Cure for Ringing in The Ears?

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We regularly get asked if there is a cure for ringing in the ears, also known as “tinnitus”. While there are treatments that can manage tinnitus and provide relief, there is unfortunately no outright cure. Untreated, tinnitus almost always gets worse and can affect every aspect of a person’s life from sleeping to work. Imagine not being able to control an alarm bell that can go off at any time of the day in varying intensities from just noticeable to overwhelming.

Relief from tinnitus is possible with treatment.

What Is Tinnitus?

Often called phantom sounds, tinnitus is the perception of sound when no actual external noise or sound is present. Most people will perceive tinnitus as a “ringing” in the ears. Others may hear buzzing, whistling, clicking and even a whoosh like sound that may be in time with their heartbeat. The last one is called pulsatile tinnitus for obvious reasons.

Why Isn’t There A Cure for Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a symptom and not a disease so there is no direct cure for tinnitus. In fact, there are a couple of hundred health problems that can trigger tinnitus. The most common reason is hearing loss. Hearing loss can be a result of an extremely loud noise event all at once (gun shot, explosions) or over time due to gradual hearing loss from either aging or noise induced hearing loss. Several studies have pointed to reduced blood flow, often due to diabetes, as being a trigger for tinnitus symptoms.

Fake Tinnitus Treatments

The internet is full of home remedies and do it yourself tinnitus fixes. Everything from oils, ear drops, and even supplements are touted as being tinnitus cures. None have been scientifically shown to cure tinnitus.

Maskers: The Most Common Treatment For Tinnitus

tinnitus maskers for treatment of tinnitus

Maskers are the most common tinnitus treatment available. Maskers essentially look like hearing aids and they create a customizable and comforting sound stimulus that masks the sound of tinnitus. It does take some time and effort to fine-tune and soothe the sounds produced by tinnitus, but in the end relief is possible.

Ask about our 45-day free trial offer for tinnitus treatments using maskers.

We Specialize In Tinnitus Treatment


Candice Holden (BC-HIS) with 11 years of experience, also holds a Tinnitus Care Provider Certificate from the International Hearing Society.  Candice’s tinnitus training focused on tinnitus patient care involving physiology, psychology, measurement, and management of tinnitus.

“When dealing with tinnitus you are not only dealing with the ringing in a person’s ears but also the emotional burden that an individual carries as a result of the tinnitus and the effect on their day to day life.”

Risk Free Tinnitus Treatment

We offer a free trial for tinnitus sufferers that wish to try maskers as a treatment option.  First we will fully assess your hearing and tinnitus symptoms. Then, once we have a starting point we will program a set of tinnitus maskers to meet your specific symptoms. Over the next 45 days we will monitor and fine tune your maskers as needed to provide your with maximum relief from your tinnitus symptoms. There is absolutely no obligation to purchase. 

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