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Ear Wax Removers - Dangerous or Safe?

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Recently we have seen a variety of products designed to help people remove ear wax from their ears. Ear wax build up is relatively common and can become enough of a problem that it affects the ability to hear. In fact, we see people on a weekly basis that have at least one ear's hearing impaired by a large buildup of ear wax.

For severely impacted ear wax, we always recommend seeing you family physician.

Are These Products Safe?

The problem with your typical cotton swab is that it can often push the wax further into your ear making the situation worse. We recently have seen several products like this one that has a screw shaped tip to at least in theory allow you to remove wax without pushing it further. At first glance it seems like a good home remedy. We don't recommend putting anything in your ear. We will double down on the "see your family doctor" recommendation.

Approximately 12,500 such ear injuries a year in the U.S. are reported due to objects entering the ear canal.

Removing Ear Wax

In a previous post we covered how to remove ear wax safely at home. We only recommend using any over the counter products that have been recommended by a health care professional.

How Is You Hearing?

It's normal to begin losing our hearing as we age. Unfortunately most people wait far too long to get tested and are impacted by the negative side effects associated with hearing loss. We offer free hearing screenings and testing. For individuals requiring special documentation for medical reasons related to work or otherwise, a small fee is charged. Check with our staff by calling us at (204) 788-1083 or contact us online. Have a great day!