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How Loud Is It?

“How Loud Is It?” Is a series of blog articles was created to raise Winnipeggers’ awareness of potentially damaging sound levels that may go unrecognized in our everday lives. Protecting your hearing is every bit as important as protecting your eyesight in the simple fact that once damage is done, it is virtually impossible to repair. All it takes is one significantly loud event to cause permanent hearing damage.

Motorcylcing How Loud Is It - Ride For Rad 2017

Motorcycling: How Loud Is It?

With Ride For Dad 2017 just around the corner, we decided to run another our informal test to measure the effects of riding a motorcycle on our hearing.   How Loud is Too Loud? Other than work related hearing loss, our leisure time activities are the greatest risk factors when it comes to noise induced

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snowmobile used in hearing loss test

Snowmobiling: How Loud Is It?

Do the response over our previous blog post about noise induced hearing loss Logan (2017): How Loud is it?, we decided to run another informal experiment to see how snowmobiling would affect our hearing. Despite dealing with hearing loss on daily basis I was shocked at how much temporary hearing loss was incurred. Kerry H.

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