Noise Induced Hearing Loss or NIHL can also be caused by loud noises, typically above 85 dB over extended periods of time or by a single extremely loud burst of sound (acute acoustic trauma). Typically a gunshot or explosion of some kind could cause immediate and irreversible noise induced hearing loss. NIHL is the most common form of hearing loss in North America today. The most common culprits are recreational activities such as listening to excessively loud music, attending loud concerts or sporting events.

Snowmobiling: How Loud Is It?
Can snowmobiling on trails at relatively low speeds for only a few hours cause hearing loss?

Snowmobiling: How Loud Is It?

Do the response over our previous blog post about noise induced hearing loss Logan (2017): How Loud is it?, we decided to run another informal experiment to see how snowmobiling would affect our hearing. Despite dealing with hearing loss on daily basis I was shocked at how much temporary hearing…

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Golf – A Threat to Your Hearing?

I must admit that the articles I found about golf potentially causing hearing damage caught me off guard. If anything, we associate a game of golf being played in a relaxed quiet atmosphere surrounded by lush greens. Occasionally the quiet of the greens is punctuated with the satisfying “whack” of…

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MB AirShow 2016 – How Loud Is It?
CF-18 Hornet Acrobatics at MB AirShow 2016

MB AirShow 2016 – How Loud Is It?

To find out just how loud an airshow can get, we traveled to Southport airport minutes away from Portage la Prairie to take in the now infamous Manitoba AirShow. Despite hours waiting to get in, were still looking forward to seeing the last 2 performances; the CF-18 Hornet solo and the…

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Custom Moulded Earplugs – Protection Without Distortion
Types of custom moulded earplugs available at Polo Park Hearing Centre Winnipeg.

Custom Moulded Earplugs – Protection Without Distortion

Noise induced hearing loss is almost always avoidable and despite that fact, noise induced hearing loss is growing in Canada. Hearing loss can be a direct result of an occupation, a recreational activity or simply exposure to random loud sounds. The earplugs shown below are custom moulded earplugs that fit perfectly…

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Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Growing

 In a recent news release the Canadian Hearing Instrument Practitioners Society (CHIPS) identified noise induced hearing loss as a growing health issue. The release also highlighted the increased rate of hearing loss found in younger Canadians. May 2016 is Hearing Awareness Month #hearinghealth            "Canadians are exposed to…

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