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  Few things scare me more than the thought of Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline as I age. It’s not just the personal impact, but the impact on the people around me that causes concern. In the end – the only thing we truly own are our memories. Canadians and Dementia According to the Alzheimer […]

Bill Clinton William Jefferson Clinton served as the 42nd president United States and was found to have high frequency hearing loss during a yearly physical exam. It is suspected that his advancing age and recreational activities, namely hunting, listening to loud music and playing in a band contributed to his hearing loss. Like most people […]

    If you are “tired of missing things” you a not alone according to this survey’s results. Isolation is a common feeling when people suffer from hearing loss and those feelings can develop into depression and anxiety. Thanks to today’s technology hearing loss is more treatable than ever before. Make the decision to get […]

On Tuesday’s America’s Got Talent, Mandy Harvey age 29, told the audience about her total hearing loss and her inspirational journey back to music. After I lost my hearing, I gave up, but I want to do more with my life than just give up – Mandy Harvey Singing since the age of 4, Mandy […]

Do the response over our previous blog post about noise induced hearing loss Logan (2017): How Loud is it?, we decided to run another informal experiment to see how snowmobiling would affect our hearing. Despite dealing with hearing loss on daily basis I was shocked at how much temporary hearing loss was incurred. Kerry H. […]

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