Free hearing tests and hearing aid trials

Demonstration Days Event

If hearing loss has left you feeling disconnected from the world around you, Polo Park Hearing can help! Sign up for Demonstrations Days, September 20th to 22nd, where you can find out about the latest in hearing aid technology including smartphone-controlled hearing technology and convenient wireless charging We will be offering free hearing testing and a chance to try a set of hearing aids to hear the difference they can make for you on the spot. As an added bonus, there will be a trial offer available for attendees as well. An expert rep from a leading manufacturer

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What Happens When Self Fitting Hearing Aids Stop Working?

While there are many ins and outs when it comes to self fitting hearing aids one of our concerns is what happens when the do-it-yourself option of self fitting hearing aids stop working? Who do you call for help and what kind of service to you get? We have had a few customers tell us their customer support experiences. While we do recognize that these are the people that did not get great service, it should be noted that the there are common elements that are typical of the bought it online or at the drugstore type experience.  Self fitting hearing aids are also known as over

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Hearing aid dryer

Two Environmentally Friendly Ways To Keep Hearing Aids Dry

Enjoying a Prairie summer means sun and heat followed by rain and humidity. Despite most modern hearing aids being water resistant, they are like all electronic devices in the fact that they work their best when kept dry and clean.  Short term exposure to water and moisture is unavoidable and it’s not a problem per se, but long term it could invite some damage to the most delicate parts causing performance issues. Below we have two solutions for keeping hearing aids dry and working their best. The bonus is both are environmentally friendly! PerfectDry by Widex If your

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7 hearing myths debunked

Hearing Aid Myths

This informative video out of Britain debunks 7 common hearing aid myths we often hear about hearing aids. Take note at 2 minutes 15 seconds in. The presenter makes an excellent comparison about catching your hearing loss sooner than later and comparing hearing loss treatment to that of an injured muscle. We give the video two thumbs up! Click below to watch. Question? We love it when people ask questions! Please feel free to send us a message through the form on this page or call us at (204) 788-1083. Thanks for watching!

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Phoank Serenity Choice Earplugs

Customizable Ear Plugs For Work & Play

Candice from our office had a chance to put a set of professional grade ear plugs to work at the Chris Stapleton concert recently. Phoank’s new Serenity Choice™ Work ear plugs are designed as “Personal Protection Equipment” for noisy working environments over 85 dB (about when damage starts after prolonged exposure). The ear plugs cut the noise level by 24 DB ( that’s a lot) so they are good for 8 hours of protection at up to 109 dB. Since concerts routinely range 90 to 120 dB the concert certainly gave them a workout. In environments exceeding 109

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Can A Hearing Test Improve Your Mood?

We live in a world constantly filled with noises both random and expected. Our minds are constantly deciphering sounds from a multitude of sources around us all day long. Everything from our smart phones to our cars are vying for attention by beeping or whistling at us while in the background noise pollution ratchets everything up. Some people are more sensitive to environmental sounds both in terms of hearing health and the effect on their overall mood while others struggle to make sense of everything they hear. Thankfully, there are many options available to get help with hearing

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