Signia Active Pro Hearing Aids - Winnipegs Polo Park Hearing Centre

Cool Looking Hearing Aids?

Signia’s latest hearing aids are rechargeable hearing aids sold under the name “Signia Active”. As you have likely noticed, they look a lot like ear buds. The ingenious reason for the styling is so they don’t signal other people that the user is wearing hearing aids and has hearing loss. This form factor helps avoid the stigma some people feel about wearing hearing aids. It also prevents some of the awkward actions people take such as suddenly talking loudly when they realize they are talking to a person with hearing loss. Signia Active hearing aids brilliantly hide in

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Ear Wax Removers - Dangerous or Safe?

Recently we have seen a variety of products designed to help people remove ear wax from their ears. Ear wax build up is relatively common and can become enough of a problem that it affects the ability to hear. In fact, we see people on a weekly basis that have at least one ear’s hearing impaired by a large buildup of ear wax. For severely impacted ear wax, we always recommend seeing you family physician. Are These Products Safe? The problem with your typical cotton swab is that it can often push the wax further into your ear

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Starkey Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Starkey’s rechargeable hearing aids come in a variety of hearing aid styles and technology levels that will meet all your needs and exceed your expectations. Combined with the Thrive smartphone app, these customizable hearing aids provide environmentally friendly rechargeable all day power and features that makes using the hearing aids effortless. The LIVIO AI hearing aids are available in custom colours to suit your taste or more closely match hair colour. The AI stand for artificial intelligence as these hearing aids use machine learning to adapt to your preferences and custom hearing environments. Power To Go Pictured above,

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Red Wine

Is Red Wine Good for Your Hearing?

You have most likely heard that a single glass of red wine is good for your overall health. Although chances are though that you have never heard that it is good for your hearing health, its appears to be true. Peer reviewed scientific studies, the good standard in research, have been run in the United States and the United Kingdom that indicate drinking red wine could both reduce and prevent hearing loss. We are liking that so far. Red Wine & Health Marketers of red wine have long extoled the health benefits, especially the heart health benefits, to

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Over the counter hearing aids in winnipeg review

Self Fitting Hearing Aids - Do They Work?

Self fitting hearing aids are relatively new product that has only recently appeared in the American marketplace. You can think of them as the ultimate do-it-yourself hearing healthcare project and as an extension of our ever increasingly complex but self-reliant technology-based world. Warning: Hearing loss may be a symptom of a serious health issue. Only a trip to a professional will diagnose the root cause of hearing loss. What Are Self Fitting Hearing Aids? As the name suggests they are basically sound amplifying devices that you the user, install and fine tune yourself. You are provided a means

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