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Starkey Unveils New AI Custom Rechargeable Hearing Aid

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Starkey Unveils New AI Custom Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Starkey Hearing Technologies unveiled the Livio Edge AI hearing aid on January 16th, the opening day of the company’s Hearing Innovation Expo, held in Las Vegas. Kerry, Candice and Leslie attended the event along with over 3400 hearing care professionals from 60 countries. The Livio Edge AI expands the features of the already impressive Livio AI that was featured as one of TIME magazine’s Top-100 best inventions of 2019.

Livio Edge AI goes beyond being a hearing aid and improves both mental and physical health.

starkey livio edge ai in ear hearing aid

What’s New: Livio Edge AI

Several key features elevate the Livio Edge AI above the competition:

  • Voice-activated commands and reminders
  • Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries
  • 2.4 GHz Wireless connectivity and streaming
  • Edge Mode on demand fine-tuning of the sound environment
  • New smartphone apps for improved mental & physical health monitoring

Voice-Activated Commands and Reminders

Users can directly control the hearing aid with a simple tap and talk command to perform various function such as increasing volume or changing listening modes. Online assistants like Apple’s Siri can be directly accessed. Through the Thrive Assistant feature in the Thrive smartphone app users can receive both in-ear and on-screen reminders for all types of tasks such as to do lists and taking medications on time.

Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batteries

Never fumble to change tiny batteries again with a convenient and greener solution than disposable batteries. Livio Edge AI’s advanced Lithium ion batteries provides up to 23 hours of hearing use and 4 hours of streaming with a quick charging time of just 3.5 hours.

2.4 Ghz Wireless Connectivity and Streaming

Wireless connectivity now goes beyond the standard Bluetooth hands-free connectivity to popular smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhones. 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity will enable a whole new universe of products and applications. One of the first is the Table Mic compact set of remote microphones. Great for meeting and gatherings, the Table Mic automatically pick up users’ voices around a conference table and wirelessly transmits a stream to your Livio Edge AI hearing aids while filtering out unwanted environmental sounds. The key advantage is that sound from any angle is equally clear.

Edge Mode

The new Edge Mode feature applies artificial intelligence (AI) for an on the fly fine-tuning of the sound environment during tough listening situations. Tapping the hearing aid initiates the AI to intensively filter out current surrounding sounds selectively to allow voices to be heard in extraordinarily loud complex sound environments like sports stadiums. By fine tuning to the exact environment at that moment, voices become crisp and made easy to understand.

New Smartphone Apps Promote Better Health

Thrive App

The Thrive App received a new and streamlined interface for improved ease of use. The app records real-time data from sensors in the hearing aids to monitor physical activity such as number of steps, total exercise time, social engagement and more health-related information.

Thrive Care App

The Thrive Care app helps caregivers keep track of a loved one’s physical activity and social engagement. The app can monitor and report on everything from the hearing aid wearer’s number of steps to their use of the hearing aids. This provides peace of mind for care providers while allowing the hearing aid wearer to live independently and safely.

As people age balance problems often accompany hearing loss.

Balance Builder App

One of the leading causes of injury and injury death for those 65 and older are falls. Falls are often linked to hearing loss due to the impact on a person’s balance. Starkey’s new Balance Builder app is designed to help actively improve balance, stability, strength and gait through exercises. The hearing aid user is guided through exercises and workouts based on head movements the internal sensors detect.


The Livio Edge AI has even more features that will make everyday tasks easier. If you have any questions about the Livio Edge Ai hearing aids or what to do about hearing loss, give us a call at (204) 788-1083 or contact us online.

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