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Simple Vertigo Relief You Can Do At Home

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It's estimated that 1.5 Millions Canadians along with more than 7 million Americans suffer from vertigo. The symptoms of vertigo are described as the feeling that your surroundings are spinning or moving while you're body remains still. These extreme dizzy spells are life-changing to say the least. They can be triggered from something as simple as rolling over in bed and ending up feeling like you are being bounced around inside a washing machine.

Dr. Carol Foster, a doctor from University of Colorado School of Medicine, has developed a do-it-yourself way to treat the most common form of vertigo – positional vertigo also known as BBPV.

Media Sensation

Dr. Fosters YouTube videos and related articles combined with interviews on regular media and social media alike have earned her millions of views.

The cause of the vertigo is described as it "... happens when particles in the ear that sense gravity get dislodged and end up in spinning sensors." The video below explains how vertigo and the do-it-yourself cure work:

Study Proves Effectiveness

The half somersault technique was subjected to a six-month study that showed patents preferred the exercise over the one commonly used by doctors. “I was surprised at how well it worked,” Foster said.
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