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Diabetes Doubles Hearing Loss Risk

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After reading through several hearing loss studies about the most common contributing factors to hearing loss, we decided we would highlight the effect of diabetes on hearing loss. The medical world has theorized links between hearing loss diabetes as early as 1859.

Recent studies have drawn more conclusive links between diabetes and hearing loss.

  • Diabetics are roughly twice as likely to have hearing hearing loss than non-diabetics. For this reason alone we would recommend diabetics have periodic hearing tests.
  • The prevalence of low/mid frequency hearing loss was 28% in the diabetic patients as opposed to 9% in the non-diabetic group that made up a 2010 study on hearing loss in diabetics.
  • The association between diabetes and hearing impairment has been shown to be stronger in studies that included younger participants. This would make sense as hearing loss increases with age and could complicate the study further.
  • Age, hearing loss & diabetes: High-frequency hearing loss was found to be more common in middle-age diabetics versus diabetics 65 and older.

In 2008 the NIH published a study showing "...a strong correlation found between diabetes and hearing loss across all frequencies, especially in the high-frequency range." 

Warning Signs

If you think you have noticed, or others around you have mentioned issues about your ability to hear, you may want to take it seriously.
Booking a hearing test and evaluation, not to mention going for a yearly physical your doctor would be a good idea. It goes without mention that the physical should include test for diabetes.

Another warning sign mentioned in studies about hearing loss and diabetes, were balance problems that may suggest problems with blood flow to parts of the ear. We would suggest that if any balance problems or related issues such as vertigo appear, making appointments with your doctor and a hearing professional to have a hearing evaluation performed are prudent measures.

Have you recently noticed that you are losing your balance unexpectedly? If so, it's probably time to call your doctor for an appointment and then book appointment for a hearing evaluation as well. To reach us, call (204) 788-1083.

Occurrence of diabetes in Canada

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