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Pros & Cons of Invisible Hearing Aids

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You have likely already guessed that “Invisible Hearing Aids” are called invisible because they are virtually invisible. In fact, they can only be seen when someone is looking down your ear canal! Their physical size is barely bigger than that of a large jellybean. Invisible hearing aids are easily the smallest hearing aid style available. Being small has its advantages, and its disadvantages. Let’s discuss a few.

Pros to Using Invisible Hearing Aids

They’re Invisible

The main reason people wear invisible hearing aids is to hide the hearing aids from being noticed. Every part of the hearing aid is tucked deep into the ear canal except one thin transparent plastic tether used to retrieve them. This is why they are also called invisible in the canal (IIC) hearing aids.

Natural Hearing

Hearing is very natural with invisible hearing aids. Because they are deep fitting, they sit in the deep bony portion of your ear canal millimetres from your eardrum. This location significantly reduces the common sensation of hearing your own voice louder than it really is. Also, being deep within the ear canal means the outer ear funnels sound into the invisible hearing aid for an incredible realistic sound environment.

Sound quality is extremely natural with invisible in the ear hearing aids.

Use Any Phone No Problem

Using a phone with invisible hearing aids is extremely easy and feedback is never a problem. This is because the hearing aid is deep in the ear canal.

Treat A wide Range of Hearing Loss

Despite their small size, invisible hearing aids have a lot of power to treat a wide range of hearing loss.  In fact, invisible hearing aids are used to treat mild to moderately severe hearing loss.


Invisible hearing aids are great for people that wear protective head gear. If you need a helmet for work, or a pastime, you will totally appreciate the fact that invisible hearing aids do not stick out. Taking a helmet on and off much easier with invisible hearing aids.

Starkey Picasso Invisible In The Ear Hearing Aid

Cons to Using Invisible Hearing Aids

Good Manual Dexterity Required

The “pro” benefit of small size can also be a con. It takes considerable manual dexterity to be able to insert and remove the hearing aids. Also, battery changes can prove to be difficult due to the tiny size.

Unable To Treat All Levels Of Hearing Loss

Severe hearing loss is unfortunately unable to be treated with invisible hearing aids. The physical size and subsequently smaller battery just don’t have the power with current technology.

Our Offer Includes Our Continuous Care Guarantee

Invisible hearing aids are a significant purchase and that's why we help in three different ways. The first way is to offer a 30-day free trial that includes a complete hearing test & evaluation. The second is to offer 0% financing for the first year. The third is our continuous care guarantee. This means your hearing aids routine maintenance and minor repairs are free. We believe our clients should never have to go without hearing well again.

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