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Maintaining Hearing Health During COVID-19

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Maintaining Hearing Health Inspirational Message During COVID-19

Everyone’s world has changed an incredible amount in just a few weeks. In order to slow the spread of COVID-19 physical distancing has been employed. As a result, many businesses such as theatres, pubs, restaurants, and many other businesses deemed “non-essential” have been closed. Businesses related to health care, food and medicines have been permitted to stay open provided they follow guidelines. Many of us now work from home and do our best to self-isolate in order to help #flattenthecurve of new viral infections. For people living with hearing loss, maintaining hearing health and having working hearing aids along with other hearing assistance devices, are critical when adapting to changes that create additional stress.

Although these times are challenging to say the least, here are a few tips to help work maintain hearing health and stay positive through the current pandemic.

1. Take A Complete Inventory

The most important consumable for hearing aids are batteries and filters. It would be ideal to have 6-8 weeks of batteries on hand. Physically check and clean your hearing aids to see if all the tubes and fittings are in good order. If you have to make an order for batteries, you may as well include and parts that are starting to show wear. That way, you can make fewer trips or interactions to help keep you safe from infection and prevent you from having to wait for an item to show up.

We always keep a large inventory of small repair items in stock.

2. Utilize Drop Off & Curbside Services.

Mail delivery via Canada Post is still possible and while packages are still being delivered, there does seem to be a delay. So, it may take a few extra days to cross Winnipeg. Alternatively, we have been offering both a drop-off and a curbside service. For longer repairs, we suggest scheduling a time for curbside drop off and pick-up of the repair later. Small repairs can be performed while you stay in your car and a staff member comes to you to pick up your device. Once all repairs are completed, we sanitize everything before handing it back to you.

3. Stay Connected

If you are living alone, isolation can lead to a number issues best avoided. Simply speaking to someone by phone or video chat every day or two will help you stay positive and connected to friends and family.  If your hearing aids have Bluetooth communication capabilities, use them with your smart phone when ever possible for clear communication. If you are finding you are needing a better solution for using your phone, TV or other streaming devices, please do not hesitate to call us for suggestions. We are here for you as a resource as well. Our continuous care guarantee means we are available for more than just repairs.

4. Video Calls & Helpful Apps

Text to speech apps can be a real help when people are wearing medical masks on video calls. Android users can use Live Transcribe and iPhone Users can use the app called MyEar for speech-to-text transcription. Another highly rated option is ‎Otter Voice Meeting Notes available for both Android and iPhone smartphone.

5. Please Call Us If You Have Any Questions

We are here for you. Whether you need help with device settings or have questions about setting up a Bluetooth connection, we can help. To contact us, call our regular number (204) 788-1083 or contact us online and we will resolve the issue for you.