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When Buying Hearing Aids Always Ask About Warranty & Service Times

We see a lot of hearing aid customers that have purchased hearing aids that only offer mail in repairs or have excessive wait times. This is why we provide a Continuous Care Guarantee on all of our hearing aids. It's our promise to our clients that they will never have to go without their hearing aids working.

What Are The Wait Times for Hearing Aid Repairs?

We will fix your hearing aids as fast as possible. Time permitting, we will offer a same day appointment because we know what it is like to not have working hearing aids. Our inventory of parts will repair all but the worst damages that may need to be returned to the factory to receive a new outer shell. In that case we will offer loaner hearing aids where necessary as the turn around time may be a week to ten days.

Preventing Repairs with Free Preventative Maintenance

Part of our Continuous Care Guarantee is free regular maintenance and cleaning of you hearing aids. By keeping them in good working order, you will not only get the best performance, you will also minimized the need for repairs. Also concluded are free hearing profile adjustments that some companies will charge for. In fact, most customers will save $500 over the period of owning their hearing aids thanks to our service plan.

We Are Proud of The Service We Provide

If you would like to know more about warranties and how we will provide you with excellent service, you have some options. To read more about our service guarantee click Continuous Care Guarantee. To contact us please send us a message through the form on this page or call us directly at (204) 788-1083.