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If you have been curious about the benefits of hearing aids, now is your chance! We are sponsoring a lunch and learn November 6th and 7th, 2018. We will have hearing aids on hand tuned to your specific needs so you get to try them out in a real-world environment. All you need to do […]

When it comes to getting treatment for hearing loss, it’s not uncommon for people to wait several years before acting. The stat we read was that it can take on average seven years before people seek treatment for hearing loss. So we thought we put together our top 4 reasons to get a hearing evaluation […]

1 in 6 people, roughly 6,008,000 Canadians will develop hearing loss and potentially be at a greater risk for developing dementia. To put that number in perspective, 6 million is approximately the number of Canadians currently living with diabetes. If you recognize the signs hearing loss, book a hearing test. Call us – Polo Park Hearing […]

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