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World’s First Hearing Aid With Artificial Intelligence

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Livio AI: Hearing Aid or Wearable?

Starkey is changing how the world views hearing aids. The Livio AI is the first hearing aid to use integrated sensors and artificial intelligence to track physical activity and cognitive health. Livio AI’s features that go well beyond the “medical device” for the aging.

  • Fitness and overall wellness tracking.
  • Integrates with Apple Health and Google Fit apps.
  • Amazon® Alexa connectivity.
  • Translation programs for 27 languages.
  • Reduce listening effort by improving natural listening & speech clarity in the noisiest environments.
  • Natural user interface with tap control or Bluetooth app.

All these features are designed to help optimize the users’ hearing experiences while enabling them to improve their overall health, treat hearing loss, reduce the associated risks of dementia, anxiety, social isolation and the increased risk of falling. Livio AI is truly a total solution for both hearing health and the health risks associated with hearing loss.

First and foremost, Livio AI is the best performing and best sounding hearing aid we have ever made. Livio AI is so much more than just a hearing aid, it is a gateway to better health and wellness,” Starkey Hearing Technologies President Brandon Sawalich.

Starkey Livio AI - Artificial Intelligence in a Hearing Aid

Starkey’s Best Sounding Hearing Aid

Although there is a lot of attention on the new features, the Livio AI excels at it’s core function of making hearing easy regardless of the acoustic environment.

Artificial intelligence integrates the information from both hearing aids to understand the wearer’s listening environment, adjust appropriately and learn from the experience. A big benefit of the technology is how it makes understanding speech easier in noisy environments. Whether you are outside, at a restaurant, or at a gathering with music playing, Livio AI will detect a person’s speech, the direction it is coming from and filter out the background noise it has analyzed through machine learning. The net result is less stressful communication that improves the wearer's enjoyment of social situations.

Livio AI’s benefits are ultimately designed to improve key areas of well-being by reconnecting users to the people, places and activities they love.

Are you curious about trying out the Livio AI? We offer a free trial period and lifetime service. 

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