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Why It's Smart To Get 1 Hearing Test Before Age 35

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Candice Holden - Polo Park Hearing Centre

While some will suggest "You get a physical every year so you should get a hearing test every year" we don't quite see it that way. Unless you already have a hearing aid or you have some hearing loss and you want to monitor it, a yearly test isn't necessarily warranted. Our recommendation is that everyone should have a baseline hearing test and unless you perceive a change in your hearing you can self monitor and be tested every few years.

It's to your future self's benefit to get a hearing test while your hearing is still "young."

Why It's Smart To Get a Hearing Test Before Age 35

We want to establish a "baseline level" of hearing with a complete hearing test while you're hearing is still fairly optimal. We create a baseline audiogram which is term for a chart of your hearing measurements at different frequencies. This way in the future if you have a problem with hearing loss due to a work related claim, an accident, or just plain age related loss 25 years later, we can make a comparison to that initial baseline. This helps in diagnosis as well as treatment.

A baseline audiogram is a reference to which future audiograms are compared in order to determine the amount of change in a person's hearing

Baseline Audiograms

In terms of treatment, buy establishing a baseline audiogram and being able to measure current hearing loss, it reduces treatment time and improves accuracy in restoring hearing loss. We are able to quickly dial in the correct compensation levels at the exact frequencies to restore hearing to those pre-loss levels.

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