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Understatement of the Year

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If our blog had an "Understatement  of the Year" award I would give it to Bill Austin, the man behind the Starkey Hearing Foundation. In this star packed video (Kevin Costner, Sir Richard Branson,  Miley Cyrus) President Bill Clinton reveals why this quote from Austin is so incredibly understated:

"I want to chip in and do what I can to help."
Bill Austin


Starkey Hearing Foundation Commitment


Having seen the video I think you will agree "chip in" does not begin to describe what Bill Austin and foundation volunteers have accomplished over the years.

"In the past year, the Starkey Hearing Foundation has fit over 141,284 hearing aids. This puts them well ahead of their Clinton Global Initiative commitment: 100,000 hearing aids a year for 1 million hearing aids in 10 years."

There is a quote by a patient about 1:50 into the video that summed up why the Starkey Hearing Foundation is so important: "I can hear the wind for the first time...".


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