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Ride For Dad Manitoba - May 28th 2016

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Just 8 more days until the Ride for Dad 2016. Polo Park Hearing Centre is proud to help sponsor the event again this year. We will be providing Spark Plug earplugs, the Officially Licensed Earplugs of NASCAR, along with discounts offers including custom mould earplugs.

Whether you wear a full face or half helmet, please remember to add hearing protection as wind noise can easily hit 85 dB, Manitoba's workplace lower limit requiring hearing protection. Add in motor and exhaust "note" for a few hours and you can do permanent damage to your hearing.

"... there is an increase in noise-induced hearing loss caused by continuous or repeated exposure to loud noises. Younger ears are particularly susceptible to loud noise and more vulnerable to subsequent hearing loss later in life," noted Leslie Holden, Chair of the Canadian Hearing Instrument Practitioners Society Board of Directors.



Pre-Registration Information

Thursday May 26 and Friday May 27, 4–8 p.m.  each day,
Earls Kitchen & Bar, Polo Park. First 500 riders get a FREE meal ticket  and a gift! Lots of great prizes to be won!