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Raising The Bar: Genesis AI Hearing Aids

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Genesis Ai Hearing Aids by Starkey

“Imagine a hearing aid that can process sound the way it’s meant to be heard — clear and true to life.” A hearing aid that does it so well, that people with regular hearing can wear hearing aids and not notice a difference with them in their ears and their own hearing.  That’s what happened when we tried the new Starkey Genesis AI hearing aids this past week. 

“There was nothing I could hear to tip me off to the fact we were wearing hearing aids.” 

Kerry Holden

Battery life is equally impressive as Starkey has upped the battery life to over 50 hours which means you never have to worry about making it through your day. You never have to miss an event because your hearing aids do not have power left to get your through the next night out for a movie & dinner with family.  

True-To-Life Sound  

The goal of the Genesis Ai’s new processing power and sophisticated AI software is to create an assistive technology that works as a natural extension of your own hearing. This is accomplished by providing both true-to-life sound quality, and functionally adapting to your hearing needs as they arise in the same way your brain does without thought, seamlessly, effortlessly.  

Genesis AI Hearing Aids Will Mimic the Way We Hear 

Starkey states that their Genesis AI hearing aids contain a new innovation called Neuro Sound Technology. This new technology is designed to allow the hearing aids to better replicate how the way the human brain processes sound. 

By mimicking the processing of the brain, Genesis AI is said to “fill in the gaps” when hearing is impaired in various situations. The AI processing will allow the wearer to hear missed sounds quickly and more accurately than before, so they never have to miss another moment. 

Speed & Adaptability Make for Incredible Ease of Use 

With 80 million adjustments every hour based on your personalized needs, Genesis AI hearing aids are constantly adjusting the sound environment to become the best possible. It is because of this rapid processing no matter what environment you are in and what task is at hand, your hearing aids will do everything for you before you even think you might want to make a settings change.  

Improve Quality of Life Through Better Hearing with the Genesis AI 

Starkey completely re-engineered the Genesis AI hearing aids with some specific goals in mind. The most important overall are: 

Minimize Listening Effort: Designed to make voices clearer and sounds more balanced, more natural, Genesis AI aids alleviate the strain of trying to hear, reducing listening effort. This reduction in effort is a huge relief, relieving the stress associated with hearing loss and lower quality hearing aids.  

Enhance Speech Clarity: Genesis AI hearing aids enable wearers to perceive words and speech more naturally and intuitively, improving communication and keeping them informed. 

Reduce Background Noise: These hearing aids allow wearers to hear soft sounds such as children’s voices amidst distracting noise, ensuring they can stay connected to their surroundings and others.  

Edge Mode+ for Challenging Environments: The Edge Mode+ feature utilizes friendly AI technology to reduce background noise and enhance speech clarity, particularly useful in noisy venues or when speech becomes difficult to understand. 

Long-Lasting Rechargeable Power: With up to 51 hours of better hearing on a single charge, Genesis AI aids keep up with wearers' active lifestyles while allowing for extended streaming. 

Health Monitoring and Safety: Connecting to the My Starkey app allows users to track steps, monitor hearing and engagement, and receive personal insights into activities and noise levels. Genesis AI aids can also detect falls and alert family and friends, promoting safety during physical activities. 

Durable Design: Perfect for Manitoba weather they are built to withstand sweat, moisture, and drops, Genesis AI hearing aids are tough enough to handle various activities and life's challenges. 

Convenient Audio Streaming: Wearers can easily stream calls, music, and video audio directly to their hearing aids, delivering a more immersive and true-to-life listening experience. 

Starkey Genesis Ai Application for Samrphones

Staying Connected & Active With Genesis AI

Living in today’s information age, constant communication is often taken for granted by people with good hearing that can easily adapt to changing environments. The Genesis AI modeled after human hearing will now give someone with hearing loss more confidence and an easier time staying informed and connected to their friends and family. Enjoying life and all the sounds of music, entertainment, or nature that go with it are now becoming more effortless than ever before. 

Try Genesis AI For Yourself

It goes without saying we are impressed with the Genesis AI hearing aids and we believe you need to hear them to understand the difference they can make. The first step is get a hearing test and we can setup the hearing aids for you demo in the office i first. If you like them, we do offer a trial period so please feel free to call us at (204) 788-1083 or send us a message through the form on this page.
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