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How Often Should I Get My Hearing Tested?

How often should I get my hearing tested?

Since hearing health is a part of your overall health and you probably get a checkup every 1 to 5 years, we would recommend you have your hearing checked just as often. Generally, after 40 we recommend that hearing tests take place more often as that’s the age where we begin to see a decline in hearing ability across general population. Every 2 to 3 years is a good interval for regular hearing tests. Depending on whether you have a noisy occupation or activities. If you’re constantly being exposed to loud noises, it’s better to come in at an early age.

Although this might sound excessive to some people the fact is that when people suffer from hearing loss it is usually slow and over long period of time. The slow progression makes it very difficult for an individual to know that they’re having problems. Like all medical conditions early diagnosis is the key to minimizing the negative effects.

The Example we like to use is it’s better to find out early that you have any cavity and get a small filling, rather than wait until the situation becomes painful and you lose an entire tooth.

<Link to dementia and other issues maybe use images >

<Link to dementia and other issues maybe use images >

<Link to dementia and other issues maybe use images >

Other Reasons for Hearing Tests:

• job safety
• post illness checkup to verify hearing is unaffected
• early detection for people that work in noisy conditions
• difficulty hearing (often high pitched sounds are affected first)