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The Manitoba Wedding Social: How Loud Is It?

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Few events are more deeply Manitoban than the "wedding social", also known as the simple but  respected time honoured "Social". The word Social is not absolutely unique to Manitoba and is defined (noun) by Google as:

so·cial   ˈsōSHəl/
1. noun - an informal social gathering, especially one organized by the members of a particular club or group.
    1. "a church social"
      synonyms:party, gathering, function, get-together, soirée; More

      That said, when the term "Social" is mentioned to people visiting Manitoba a quizzical look usually comes across their face. That look is usually followed by an explanation: It's our term for a fundraising party prior to a wedding that provides an opportunity for people who may, or may not be attending the wedding ceremony itself to celebrate the upcoming nuptials.

      The Venue

      We attended an event at the Four Crowns Inn on McPhillips Street approximately 2 minutes south of the McPhillips Street Station Casino. The room was your typical banquet hall with acoustic tile ceilings and a dance floor taking up a good third of the room designed to hold 450 people.

      Winnipeg Wedding Social: Winnipeg Wedding Social?
      The Wedding Social: How Loud Is It?

      The Sound Levels

      Playing a mix of pop and the perennial wedding social music we have come to expect, the DJ and crowd managed to keep the dB meter bouncing along between 79 dB and 82 dB. We did manage to record one instance where the peak dB reading hit 84 dB. The Manitoba labour guidelines recommend hearing protection for sustained levels of 85 d or greater.

      Hearing Protection

      Though several of our party expected the 'noise hangover" so commonly associated with the rock concert experience, no one felt that they needed earplugs of any kind. We strongly suspect the quality of the equipment along with the sound absorbing ceiling tile was reducing the amount of dirty sound hitting our ears. To be safe though, we regularly bring ear plugs should the event get louder than expected.

      Do you have questions about how to protect your hearing at loud events? 

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