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High Quality Hearing Aids: Best Value

Polo Park Hearing Centre fits clients with high quality hearing aids at reasonable prices for two reasons.

  1. You want to have the clearest hearing possible.
  2. You get the best value for your dollar when you purchase high quality at a fair price.

Let's face it, when it comes to your health you want the best hearing solution possible. No one wants to spend money and have to listen to a muffled crackling hearing aid that has zero value. Value comes from being fitted with the highest quality hearing aid for a reasonable price that sounds crystal clear ultimately improving the quality of your lifestyle.

Our staff has more than 47 years of combined hearing health care experience, to meet your hearing health care needs.

We Listen: Client Review

"I have suffered from hearing loss for many years. I find it embarrassing to be out in large crowds as I only hear a haze of noise. I have gone to several places here in Winnipeg for a hearing test, with dismal results It was very different when I first stepped into Polo Park Hearing Centre. The front receptionist was very warm and friendly. I made an appointment to go in for a hearing test. My appointment was with Leslie Holden. From the very first moment my husband and I met her she was friendly and knowledgeable. And she listened. And listened some more. The other places did not listen. They just tried to sell me hearing aids. Any kind as long as they got a sale out of it. With Leslie, that wasn’t the case. She was very kind and polite and also asked me questions, too. I am really glad I walked into the Polo Park Hearing Centre that day and met Leslie. I would recommend her and Polo Park Hearing Centre to everyone. Thank you, Leslie"

Our staff has more than 47 years of combined hearing health care experience, to meet your hearing health care needs.

At Polo Park Hearing Centre you are always surrounded by a friendly environment. Our primary interest is listening to you; your goals, your needs and your concerns. Once we understand your special situation, we can make the appropriate diagnosis, whether it is hearing protection or hearing aids. We explain all aspects of hearing tests and evaluations to ensure an understanding of the diagnostic process. We strive to make you and your family members feel comfortable. We make certain that you understand what hearing aids will and will not be appropriate for you. You will gain knowledge of all different types and styles of hearing aids from the basic to the most sophisticated 100% digital hearing aids.


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