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Ducati Monster: How Loud Is It?

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Inspired by the Ride For Dad 2016, we decided to test a classic big twin cylinder motorcycle know for it's unique sound. No, it's not the usual Harley twin. It's a Monster. - a Ducati Monster S4Rs to be exact. We know it's loud but we still have to ask the quesiton ... HOW LOUD IS IT?

If you ride, you owe it to yourself to get your hearing checked and then get fitted for some custom moulded earplugs. Custom plugs are more than comfortable enough for all day long rides and with the reduced noise levels you will stop having "wind" induced headaches ;-). Specialized noise reducing plugs will still let you hear still hear the engine. Using proper hearing protection means you will still be able to hear the bike idling 20 years from now ...  instead being embarrassed by grinding the starter because you didn't hear the engine running!

Call us. Make an appointment for a hearing test and find out if your hearing is still as sharp as it was last riding season. (204) 788-1083.

Updates: Check out our blog post where we do a before and after hearing test to see if a 75 minutes motorcycle ride will cause short term hearing loss that could translate to long term hearing loss over time. We then prove the best hearing protection you can put in your ear is a set of custom earplugs. We actually did a full hearing test with the custom moulded earplugs in our ears! We also wore them around during day to day activities to add a real world side to the review.

Special thanks to Sam at Quest Musique for his gracious loan of the professional quality sound meter used for this article. You can find pro audio equipment and more at Quest Music Store online.