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11 Awesome Innovations in New Hearing Aids

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Hearing aid manufacturers are constantly innovating to provide new features that provide a variety of benefits to the people wearing their hearing aids. This video highlights 11 new features that you won't find in older hearing aids. Below we talk about 2 of the top features that make a huge difference in lifestyle and client satisfaction.

Fall Detection

This new feature not only improves personal safety, not to mention piece of mind, but can save money by not requiring a separate alert system. Starkey 's new Livio AI hearing aids include integrated sensors with artificial intelligence that track body & health activities. The hearing aids can detect a fall and then send fall alert messages to selected friends or family members.

Benefits of Fall Alert

While personal safety may come to mind as the #1 benefit, it's actually the ability to lead a more active, independent and healthy lifestyle that is the most cited benefit.

Hearing in Noisy Places

Background noise is a huge problem for both people with hearing loss and people using old hearing aid technology. This type of noise drowns out what you really want to hear - the voice of the person sitting across from you in a restaurant.

The Solution

Newer hearing aids solve the background noise issue 2 ways. The first is with improved microphones and the second is with better signal processing. Hearing aids use direction microphones that can adapt their focus and pick out voices over the background noise. Likewise they can adapt to listening to music which requires a less directional mode of operation. Next, the digital signal processing improvements increase the range of noises that can be digitally filtered leaving the voices you are concentrating on to be more pronounced and easier to hear. The best part is that the latest hearing aids can make the changes automatically by location.

Upgrading Your Hearing Aids

While technology gets better every year and the benefits of upgrading for the added benefits is definitely compelling. Add in changes in hearing not to mention lifestyle changes and upgrading makes sense. We offer a 45 day trial that is free of charge and in no way obligates you to purchase. To make purchasing easier we also offer 0% financing  for your first year.

Feel free to call us and make an appointment to discuss upgrades and we can also perform a free checkup and cleaning of your current hearing aids. (204) 788-1083 or contact us online.