11 Things New Hearing Aids Can Do

11 Awesome Innovations in New Hearing Aids

Hearing aid manufacturers are constantly innovating to provide new features that provide a variety of benefits to the people wearing their hearing aids. This video highlights 11 new features that you won’t find in older hearing aids. Below we talk about 2 of the top features that make a huge difference in lifestyle and client satisfaction. Fall Detection This new feature not only improves personal safety, not to mention piece of mind, but can save money by not requiring a separate alert system. Starkey ‘s new Livio AI hearing aids include integrated sensors with artificial intelligence that track

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I Can Hear OK – Just Some Words Aren’t Clear

It is a common complaint: “I can hear everything OK…but, sometimes I am having a hard time understanding certain words”. This can be a bit confusing as you might think you have hearing loss. Hearing loss ranges from mild to profound and can be different for each ear. Human hearing is more complex than we might think. It requires both ears to accurately receive sound waves and then have the brain to decode what is heard into recognizable patterns. Lot’s of issues can develop along this pathway and both the symptoms and the level of hearing loss is

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Winnipeg Tinnitus Care Provider Candice Holden

Candice Holden: Certified Tinnitus Care Provider

Candice Now Holds An Advanced Certificate in Tinnitus Treatment Candice Holden BC-HIS recently earned her Tinnitus Care Provider Certificate from the International Hearing Society after successfully completing an examination held in Chicago, Illinois. The comprehensive curriculum focused on “tinnitus patient care involving physiology, psychology, measurement, management, and practice organization”. Candice is now certified by the International Hearing Society as a  Tinnitus Care Provider. Candice has been a board certified – hearing instrument specialist (BC-HIS) for 11 years now and has extensive experience with treating tinnitus. The additional tinnitus training has further enhanced her clinical skills to help people

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Do Ear Candles Remove Ear Wax

Do Ear Candles Remove Ear Wax?

Dr. Cliff Olson, Doctor of Audiology has published a great video on the topic of ear candling also known as ear coning. For those of you who haven’t heard of the treatment, ear candling is promoted as an alternative medicine practice to remove unwanted ear wax. What Is An Ear Candle & How Does It Work? An ear candle is a tube of cloth soaked in hot beeswax with a cone shape at one end (resembling an upside down hollow candle) that is placed in the ear and the open end is lit on fire. The theory promoted

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March 27 28 open house

2 Days Only: Open House March 27th and 28th

A Great Chance to Hear What You Have Been Missing Our open houses are a great chance to learn about what hearing aid technology can do for you in a relaxed atmosphere. Chris is extremely knowledgeable and very personable. Plus, you can book a free hearing test! Call us to book now as seating is limited (204) 788-1083.

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