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Siemens Hearing Aids Winnipeg

“One out of every four hearing aids being used worldwide is a Siemens.”*

For more than 130 years Siemens Hearing Instruments has helped people with hearing loss so successfully that it has become the largest, most innovative hearing aid and hearing instrument manufacturer in the world.

“Siemens philosophy of delivering personalized hearing solutions that enable people to lead richer, fuller lives. “

Siemens Micron Technologies

Siemens employs over 4000 people with many dedicated to research and development of new technologies designed to improve the lives of their customers.

Siemens hearing aids utilized sophisticated innovations such as FeedbackStopper, SpeechFocus and BestSound Technology, Siemens hearing aids set a whole new standard in hearing care technology. For more information on how Siemens hearing aids can make your life sound better and a free hearing evaluation call us at (204) 788 1083.

BestSound Technology – Siemens Hearing Aids

For more information on how hearing testing and Siemens hearing aids can make your life sound better, call us at (204) 788 1083.

Our staff has more than 47 years of combined hearing health care experience to guarantee your hearing health care needs are met 100%. At Polo Park Hearing Centre you are always surrounded by a friendly environment.

When was the last time you had your hearing tested? Book your free hearing evaluation by calling us at (204) 788 1083 or clicking contact us.



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