Starkey Open House

We are hosting an open house February 26th - 28th featuring the latest Starkey hearing aids that use Bluetooth and Artificial Intelligence technology to make hearing well more convenient than ever before.

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Fall Detection & Alerts In a Hearing Aid?

Starkey Hearing Technologies award winning Livio AI hearing aid, the first hearing aid with artificial intelligence, now offers fall detection and the ability to alert up to 3 contacts. Fall detection sensors are currently implemented in all Livio AI devices as part of its standard hardware platform. 50% of falls…

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CSAM Safety Conference 2019

Visit our booth at the 2019 CSAM - the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba's trade show held at the Winnipeg Convention Centre. It will run for 2 days only - February 5 & 6th.

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Can “Noise Annoyance” Affect Your Physical Heath?

The easy answer is yes, overexposure to noise that causes stress will indeed affect your health to some degree. In a recent blog article the topic of “noise annoyance” was discussed and we felt the topic deserved more attention because of the significant long term negative effects cited in…

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