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From an article in CNN Money:

After being invited to an event thrown by Starkey Hearing Foundation several years ago, John realized that what he thought was an occasional hearing issue was actually a much larger problem.

“I’d often think people were mumbling or something wasn’t on that loud,” he said. “But at the event, they invited everyone to try on a hearing device, and it was like night and day. I was suffering from tinnitus [ringing-ear syndrome] in one ear and something else was going on in the other.”

John cites listening to music loudly while growing up as the major cause of his hearing loss: “I’d also been on music tours since I was 14 years old, so I was always too close to the speaker,” he said.

“When I go to restaurants, the Halo remembers the settings I had on at that specific location, so the next time I’m there it will know to project the sound of the person I’m having a conversation with over the background noise,” he said. “I also have preferences set at home and when I’m on an airplane.”

The smart hearing aids can also send calendar alerts, messages and social notifications to the earpiece. There’s even a find-my-device feature to track down lost hearing aids.

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Try a pair of hearing aids free for 45 days with absolutely no obligation to purchase. We will complete a full hearing evaluation free of charge and fit you with hearing aids programmed specifically to meet your exact requirements. Bluetooth hearing aids are available and can be adjusted right from your smartphone!

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Ear Plugs For SwimmingWhether you enjoy swimming in a lake or in the pool, custom swimmer’s ear plugs help prevent common swimming related health problems known as swimmer’s ear. Specially designed to block water, swimmer’s ear plugs are custom moulded to make a perfect seal with the unique shape of your ear.

Benefits of Custom Ear Plugs for Swimmers

  • Prevent water from entering the ear canal
  • Help prevent painful ear infections
  • All day comfort means you will forget they are in
  • The plugs are more likely to be used because they are comfortable

Lakes Water Quality Changes Quickly

With recent headlines such as the Gimli sewage leak and natural E-coli outbreaks, protecting your ears from potentially contaminated water is a good idea. While health risk warnings go out quickly, there is always the period between when you are enjoying the beach and waves to when you hear of the warning.

Preventing water entering the ear canal to protect them from serious infection.

Swimming Pools & Health Warnings

We looked into a few recent Health Inspector reports to gauge the health risks associated with swimming pools. While the number of places closed were not overwhelming, there were enough to give us pause. We found several apartment complexes, resorts and hotel swimming pools across Manitoba have been closed for “inadequate water quality” violations of one kind or another. While lists like this help inform the public, the inspectors have limited resources and can only test periodically.

Custom Moulded Swimmers Ear Plugs

Getting plugs made for your ears is painless and easy. The first step is to make an ear impression. A foam block or “ear dam” is placed deeply into the ear canal and then the canal is filled with a silicone material using a large syringe. Once fully hardened, the impression is removed and sent to a laboratory that makes a cast. From the cast the lab technician then molds the final earplug with your choice of colours.

Are you curious about getting a custom set of swimmer’s ear plugs? Call our friendly staff at (204) 788-1083 Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. and Saturday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. or click contact us online.

If the hockey game was blurry and hard to see what was happening, you would do get your vision checked immediately. Hearing loss is essentially the same effect. You are missing out yet people are willing to wait on average 7 years before they do something about it.

To hear what you have been missing, give us a call at (204) 788-1083.

tinnitus pain - polo park hearing centre winnipegIt’s true. Despite knowing what tinnitus is, I did not actually recognize that I was experiencing tinnitus because it was relatively minor and transient in nature. Because tinnitus is a symptom of another hearing or health related issue it’s important to recognize you have it and seek medical help. Do not ignore it like I did!

What is Tinnitus

Simply put, tinnitus manifests itself as a sound that we think we hear but it does not come from outside of our body. It can also be referred to as a non-auditory sound that can be either intermittent or continuous in one or both ears. People often say tinnitus sounds are most noticeable at night or during quiet periods of time.

What Does Tinnitus Sound Like

I am lucky in the fact that although I have 2 types of Tinnitus, subject tinnitus and pulsatile tinnitus, they don’t interrupt my ability to hear much. The first is an intermittent tone similar to what you would hear when a TV station went off air and showed the test pattern. A whine that isn’t very high pitched and only lasts one to 10 minutes once a week. The second type of tinnitus, the pulsatile tinnitus is commonly described ad a rhythmic pulse that sounds like a heartbeat with a bit of a whoosh to it. That is about as close to what I hear as I can describe. The sounds seem to be synchronized with my heart rate which I am told is common as pulsatile tinnitus is most often related to disturbances in blood flow. Click below to hear samples of each noise.

Tinnitus Sound 1 – “The Tone”

Tinnitus Sound 2 – “The Heartbeat Whoosh”

More often tinnitus is related to hearing loss and is perceived as being loud enough to drown out other sounds we rely on in our everyday lives. Too often it is constant or varies in volume but does not seem to stop. Some people have to deal with listening to whirring, buzzing, or banging sounds at full volume for most of their day. Luckily there are treatments available.

Why It’s Important To Get Medical Help

Although hearing loss is the most common reason behind tinnitus, there can be several other rather serious medical conditions. Pulsatile tinnitus can be caused by vascular and non-vascular issues including:

  • Glomus Tumor – a benign vascular tumor usually located in or near the ear.
  • Vascular Lesions – These include aneurysm and abnormal connections between an artery and a vein.
  • Atherosclerosis – is the narrowing of the artery due to cholesterol build-up on the artery wall.
  • Intracranial Hypertension – an increase in pressure of the cerebrospinal fluid that bathes the brain. Other symptoms can include hearing loss, ear fullness, dizziness, headaches and visual disturbances leading to a loss of site if your retinas are affected.

Here are some issues that can cause subjective tinnitus:

  • Hearing loss
  • Jaw joint dysfunction known as TMJ
  • Neck muscle strain
  • Excessive noise exposure (including a single very loud event)
  • Medications
  • Ear infection

There are many more possible cause of tinnitus. By now you get the picture – it’s possibly something serious and needs to be brought to your doctors attention.

Do you have questions about your tinnitus and treatments available? Give us a call and will be happy to answer all your questions (204) 788-1083.


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